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Here at puremeds online pharmacy, we sell (Buy) insulin onine at cheap price. Our staff constitute of professional trained doctors and pharmacist.

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fiasp insulin

Fiasp cartridge


Tresiba Insulin

Tresiba FlexTouch 100


Humulin insulin

Humulin R Vial


Humalog Insulin

Humalog Vial


Tresiba Insulin

Tresiba FlexTouch 200


Humulin insulin

Humulin 30 / 70


Novolin Insulin

Novolin GE Toronto Vial


Humalog Insulin

Humalog KwikPen 100


Humulin insulin

Humulin 30 / 70 Cartridge


Novolin Insulin

Novolin GE Toronto Pens


Humalog Insulin

Humalog Cartridge

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